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 Jiaping Shi Dance School was founded on April 1,2000 in Dallas, TX, by Ms. Jiaping Shi, a Chinese folk and classical dancer, teacher and choreographer for more than 30 years, as well as a member of the Association of Chinese Professional Dancers in China. The purpose of the school is to disseminate Chinese national folk dances, preserve and expand the excellence of Chinese culture, and to train, develop, and nurture new talents who share a deep love for the oriental arts.

In Jiaping Shi Dance School, students get rigorous, professional, and scientific basic training of Chinese traditional dance. Many students have mastered 20 national folk dances of various styles and characteristics. They have regularly participated in various performances, arts festivals and community activities. They have presented to friends of different origins, as well as overseas Chinese, some of the masterpieces (arts of excellence) of various nationalities in China. They have contributed to the enrichment of the cultural and recreational activities in the community. Going forward, the teacher and students will continue to serve the community warmheartedly. They will intensify their basic training, enhance and improve the quality of their dance techniques and artistic presentation, and will present more brilliant and splendid programs to the community. For all those who share a love for dance: the door of Jiaping Shi Dance School is always open to everyone from age four and a half to adult, regardless of nationalities, origins and cultural background. The School provides an opportunity to satisfy one’s yearning for dance. One will also realize, through these dance classes, that dancing is not only a form of performing art, or a symbol of a certain culture, it is a mean to a physical and mental wellbeing.

石家萍舞蹈学校创办于2000年4月。学校创办的宗旨是为了传播中国的民族民间舞蹈, 弘扬中华优秀文化, 促进东西方文化交流, 同时也为社区培养舞蹈人才, 丰富社区文化生活, 是被德州政府核准的非盈利性公益团体。

建校十四年来, 学校积极参加社区活动, 诸如春节, 中秋, 国庆, 以及各界举办的亚裔艺术节, 美国各公司举办的中国文化节等等。 圣诞节其间我们还为美国老年公寓, 美国人领养中国孩子的组织以及大学教会演出等团体表演。 每到一处演出, 都会受到当地观众的热烈欢迎。

在石老师的精心策划和辛勤培育, 以及师生们的共同努力下, 学校于2002年3月成功地举办了第一届舞展《舞之梦》, 于2003年10月成功地举办了第二届舞展《舞之韵》,于2005年11月成功地举办了第三届舞展《舞之情》,于2007 年12月8日学校将举办第四次舞展《舞之风>>,于2008年参与ACP举办的四川抗灾义演大型晚会和迎奥运大型晚会,于2009年参与并协办ACP举办的中华人民共和国60周年国庆暨中秋文艺晚会,于2010年参与美中商会亲情中华新春晚会。 同年4/17 日学校成功地举办了第五届舞展<<舞之魂>>。于2011年, 2012年参与ACP举办的中秋文艺晚会。于2012年一月受邀参加达拉斯博物馆慈善拍卖会演出,4/29日学校成功举办了第六届舞展<<舞之恋>> 。于2013年九月应邀参与休斯顿总领馆主办的中美文化交流大型晚会。十四年来学校参加几百场演出,成为达福地区规模最大最有实力和最有影响力的中国舞蹈学校。

石家萍老师是美国德州达拉斯地区最大最具影响力的石家萍舞蹈学校的创始人和校长, 中国当代著名舞蹈编导,达福艺术家协会副主席,中国舞蹈家协会会员,国家级舞蹈及创作导演,中国文化部颁发的最高文艺奖项 “文华奖”获得主。1997年代表中国编排并参与香港回归大型文艺舞蹈晚会,四十多年舞蹈表演教学和编导经验,桃李遍布中美,被载入中国当代名人录和中国当代杰出艺术家名人录。